Crafted with care and available until Last Call every night.

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A Late Bar favorite since our opening in 2009. Inspired by the traditional Mexican rice drink, created by Late Bar co-founder Kristine Hengl. Brandy, Cinnamon & Cocoa Liquors, Cream or Soy Milk

French Martini $14
Oh la la! Raspberry & Pineapple flavors show through in this vodka classic.

Martini, $12 (on the rocks) $14 (straight up)
Tito’s Vodka or Beefeater Gin, Dry Vermouth, Olives

Manhattan, $12 (rocks) $14 (straight up)
Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Angostura

Old Fashioned $12
Bulliet Bourbon, Sugar, Orange Bitters

Bourbon After Midnight $12
This citrus-y cocktail is sure to keep you up all night.

Sidecar $10
This brandy based cocktail will leave you absolutely zippy.

Dark & Stormy $8
Taste the islands with this dark rum & ginger beer concoction.

Mules $12
Pick your spirit, we mix it with simple syrup, lime, ginger beer and service in a handsome copper mug.

Dutch Mule - Beefeater Gin
Moscow Mule - Tito's Vodka
American Mule - Dickel Rye
Mexican Mule - Cazadores Tequila
Mexcal Mule - Zignum Silver

Kir Royale $8
Champagne, Creme De Cassis

Sloe Gin Fizz $8
Sloe Gin, Sour, Soda

Spellbound $12
An intoxicating potion of Effen Blood Orange, Campari, & Averna.

San Paloma $12
The classic Paloma cocktail and given a new twist by using San Pellegrino grapefruit soda and fresh lime.

Ginger Snapped $12
Zignum Mezcal plays perfectly in this citrus ginger cocktail.

Traditional Hot Toddy $10 – Maker’s & Honey


Drollery Shots

$6 Each
All the complexity of a cocktail, none of the commitment.  Served in a beautiful
Pousse-Cafe glass for easy sipping.

Crazy Dog
A tribute to Avondale's Polish community.
Tito's, Tabasco, Raspberry Syrup

Stale Birthday Cake
In remembrance of Club Foot. Thanks Chuck!
The recipe is a secret, but it tastes just like it sounds.

Chicago Fire
Malort & Tabasco sauce. We dare you.

Little Red Corvette
Citrus Vodka, Aperol, Orange Juice, Simple Syrup

Mexican Mocha
Espresso Tequila, Abuelita Chocolate

Sea Salt Caramel
Caramel Vodka, Chocolate Syrup, Sea Salt

Peacock Dreams
Pavan, Citrus Vodka, Blue Curaçao, Blue Curaçao Foam

Kahlua, Bailey's Almond Creme, Fernet Menta


On Tap

Hoegaarden (White Ale, Draft) $6
Unfiltered Belgian White, flavored with coriander and orange peel, creating a sweet & sour taste. ABV: 4.9%

Revolution–[Rotating Tap] $6
Ask your bartender what we have on tap from our Avondale neighbors.

Skull Splitter (Scottish Ale, Gravity Pull, Snifter) $7
Named after Thorfin Hausakliuuf, the seventh earl of Orkney, this ale has an intense vinous nose, is rich and satiny in the mouth with a long dry finish and deep rich fruity notes. ’Satiny smooth in the mouth, deceptively light and dangerously drinkable.’ ABV: 8.5%

2 Towns – Brightcider (Cider) $6
Hand crafted in Oregon with all Northwest ingredients, The Brightcider features a light and refreshing apple flavor. Hints of sweetness and a crisp finish round out this easy drinking cider. ABV: 6.0%

Temperance - Gatecrasher (IPA) $6
Evanston brewed English style IPA. ‘Stands out from the bitter crowd and entices with aromatic hops and a touch of malt sweetness.’ ABV :6.6%

Maplewood – Brownie Points (Brown Ale, Gravity Pull) $7
Maplewood’s beloved seasonal is back! A brown ale with a good helping of vanilla, this beer is sure to satisfy the peskiest of boggart. ABV: 5.3%


Abita Purple Haze (Lager, Can)  $5   
A lager brewed with real raspberries added after may see fruit pulp in the beer. ABV:4.2%

Amstel Light  (Lager, Bottle)  $5   
A rich, hoppy, never-diluted flavor that sets it apart from other light beers. ABV:3.5%

Around the Bend -  Puffing Billy (Brown Ale, Bottle)  $5
A lovely American Brown Ale finished with cacao nibs. Brewed right here in Chicago. ABV: 6.9%

Atwater – Dirty Blonde (Blonde ale, 16oz. Can) $6
Brewed to be a bright straw color & lightly sweet. Crushed Orange Peel & Coriander are subtly added to the final stage of the hot side, which lend to the clean head aroma. 4.5% ABV

Buckler  (Non Alcohol, Bottle)   $6
Alcohol-Free Beer. Fresh, light and with the bitter taste of hops. For the alcohol abstainer, Buckler alcohol free is pure seduction.

Crabbie's  (Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Bottle)   $6
Brewed with a unique recipe containing real ginger and a secret blend of spices carefully selected from Asia. Try it served over ice with a slice of lime. ABV:4.8%

Death Becomes You (Amber Ale, Bottle) $5
With a nice copper color and creamy head, this rich and pleasant ale is perfectly balanced between soft toffee and caramel notes with a floral-hoppy bitterness. It has a semi-dry finish with subtle coffee notes.  ABV:5.5%

Guinness  (Stout, 16oz Can)  $6
This is it, the one that started it all. Crafted to perfection for over 200 years, Crack it open, and the first sip tastes as fresh as ever. ABV 6%

Half Acre - Daisy Cutter  (APA, 16oz Can)  $6
A West coast American Pale from right here in Chicago. ABV:5.2%

Hitachino Nest  (White Ale, Bottle)  $7
This light-bodied brew is highly carbonated with very little alcohol and a dry finish. Forget any stereotypes you have about Japanese beer: Hatachino Nest White Ale does everything right ABV: 5.5%

Negra Modelo (Lager, Bottle) $5
Vienna style lager brewed in Mexico. Full body of caramel and slight roasted notes and light bitterness ABV:5.4%

Not Your Father’s Root Beer (Hard Root Beer, Can) $5
A category-defining craft specialty ale brewed in Wauconda, IL. Hints of sarsaparilla, wintergreen, anise, and vanilla. ABV: 5.6%

Pabst Blue Ribbon (Pilsner, Can) $3
Fermented with a pure culture of yeast and aged at high gravity, PBR is cellared and finished to the smooth, robust likeness of a fine Pilsner. ABV: 4.65%

Pacifico (Pilsner, Bottle) $5
First brewed in 1900 when three Germans opened the Cerveceria Del Pacífico in Mazatlán. ABV: 4.5%

Redbridge (GF Lager, Bottle) $5
Gluten-free lager brewed from sorghum. Distinctively fruity hop aroma, a sweet toasted grain flavor and a well-balanced, moderately hopped finish. ABV: 4.0%

Red Stripe (Lager, Bottle) $5
The official beer of Jamaica. Hooray beer!  ABV:4.7%

Revolution–Anti-Hero (IPA, Can) $5
This iconic ale features a blend of four hop varieties which creates a crisp bitterness and imparts massive floral and citrus aromas. ABV:6.5% 

Revolution–Bottom Up Wit (Wit bier, Can) $5 
Refreshing Belgian style ale brewed with organic pilsner and wheat malts from Canada.  ABV:5.0%  

Schlitz “Tall Boy” (Lager, 16oz Can) $4  
The return of the Schlitz classic 1960's Formula with the same great taste that you remember. More hops, more malt, more alcohol, more flavor. ABV:4.5%

Shiner Bock (Bock, Can)  $5
A distinctive, rich, full-flavored, deep amber-colored beer with an inviting smooth taste without excessive bitterness. Brewed deep in the heart of Texas. ABV:4.4%

Silly Sour (Sour, Bottle) $7
13% dark Saison & 87% soured ale. The malt notes from the Saison break through the striking green apple sourness giving way to a finishing jolt of lactic sourness ABV:5.5%

Stella Artois (Lager, Bottle) $5
Only the very best barley and the finest hops are selected for Stella Artois. ABV: 5.2%

Stiegl (Lager, 16oz Can) $6
Mildly hopped, golden in color, a great head with a superb finish. Stiegl is considered to be the world finest beer by many beer connoisseurs. ABV: 4.9%

Stiegl Grapefruit Radler (Radler, 16ozCan) $6
Beer blended with soda made with real fruit juice giving it a distinct tart aroma and natural cloudiness. Low in calories with low alcohol content makes it an ideal thirst quencher. ABV: 2.5%

Strongbow (Cider, 16oz Can) $6
Strongbow is a dry cider produced by H.P. Bulmer in England since 1962. Golden yellow in color, with strong apple cider flavor.  ABV 5.0%

Unibroue - A Tuout le Monde (Saison, Bottle) $7
Born of a collaboration of Unibroue’s Brewmaster and Dave Mustaine of the band Megadeth, ÀTout le Monde is a flavorful farmhouse style ale. ABV: 4.5%

Virtue  – Michigan Harvest (Semi-Dry Cider, Bottle)  $5
Tart and crisp semi-dry cider made from Michigan-grown apples, fermented deep in a cool cellar and aged in French oak, then blended with this year's fresh-pressed juice. Scents of the orchard, a hint of oak, and a touch of sweetness. 5.5% ABV

Seasonal & Limited

Anchor Brewing – Anchor Porter (Porter, Bottle) $6
Made in one of the smallest and most traditional breweries in the world by the brewers of Anchor Steam Beer. ABV: 5.6%

Rogue – Dead Guy (Maibock, Can) $5
A hefty well balanced German style Maibock from the Pacific Northwest. ABV: 6.5%

Surly – Xtra-Citra (APA, Can) $5
Summer is right around the bend and the folks at Surly have captured that feeling in the Citra hop forward APA. ABV:4.5%

3 Sheeps – Cashmere Hammer (Nitro Stout, Bottle) $5
Drinks like the best damn milkshake you’ve ever had. Rich, creamy, and packed with chocolate & spice notes. ABV: 6.5%

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